Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Mystery Antique

Wsoapp has found this unusual piece and we have decided to make a fun game out of it. Everyone, including members of Wsoapp are invited to join in on the fun. So far, we have had some really great guesses, but no one has hit it right on the mark. Posted below are some of the guesses from our readers and from group members and the answers to those guesses. I have been periodically posting hints on the front page of the blog right beneath the picture of the mystery antique. Good Luck!

1. Is it a door knocker or a money clip?
Lynnie D.

No, it is not either.

2. This is a device to make a wax seal.
Cindy H.

No, sorry it is not that. Great guess though.

3. Hi; it looks like it is a handle and latch to open a trunk? Mona.

No, it is not that either.

4. Is it an official seal? Marcy

Great guess, but nope! It is not a seal.

5. Is it a door latch? Stephanie B.

No, it is not a latch of any type.

6. This is a combination peephole/door knocker used on doors. Danae.

Sorry, it does not go on a door.

7. It's a seal press, used to put seals on documents and envelopes with hot wax or something.....Patrick.

Nope, it does not get used with hot wax. It does have a pressing type action to it though

Clue # 2: Although originally created after the war of the revolution, this handy little item was patented in the late Victorian era. Around 1879 to be exact. A Victorian housewife would have found this item a wonderful luxury to own.

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