Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Have you ever gone to the store in search of that perfect garland for your primitive Christmas tree or that perfect bead for a project you are working on, only to find that what is being sold is not quite the style you were searching for? I can attest to the fact that the primitive or shabby chic style is often hard to find. Artist Brenda of Rusty Creek Primitives has offered some easy-breezy steps to helping you achieve your own tarnished, prim or rustic look with the findings already available at craft shops. And what's really great is it is inexpensive to do, often times saving you more money than if you had bought the item already looking the way you wanted it.

How to Make Your Own Antique Looking Silver Beads

Materials Needed:

Cheap silver bead garland

Black acrylic paint

Protective Gloves


Small, old towel

These are so easy! I made these from those cheap silver strands of beads you buy at any discount store for around a $1 a strand.

Put on your protective gloves or you will get paint all over your hands. Lay the towel in your open hand and put a generous amount of black paint into your palm area of the towel. Rub it around into the towel so that it's not so goopy. Next take one end of the strand of beads and lay it into your palm with the paint. Grasp your hand around the beads and work the paint onto the beads all the while pulling the strand through your palm.

Do this back and forth several times until they are nicely coated but not soaked. Set the beads aside for a little bit and let the paint set up but not dry. Put them back into your gloved hand with the towel and work the paint a little bit more. You will rub some of the paint away but leave some. It's all part of the "aging" process. Once you get the "aged look" you want on your beads hang them around the neck of your hanger and let dry.

Photos and tutorial by Brenda Sanker of Rusty Creek Primitives


Brenda, Rusty Creek Primitives said...

Thanks Mare :) "Tarnished" was the word I was trying to think of last night. That's how they look...tarnished.

Mare said...

I tried this technique with tinsel and with chenile craft sticks, it worked great with those too. I also tried using the antiquing polish made by Folk Art brand paints. Love the effects!